Jere E. Hunt          
 Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer        Art Model 


"I was very drawn to a duet with members Jere Hunt and Sara Seger which introduced the nuances of a torn relationship in WWII. The section began to read like the others, but the aggressive contact work between the two dancers was fresh and left much to the imagination as it contrasted Piaf's sullen song ["La Vie en Rose"]."
                                    -Jerron Hernan, Theatre is Easy on "Street Singer: Celebrating the Life of Edith Piaf"
                                        by Pascal Rioult, 42West at the OUT Hotel 2015

"Jere Hunt's self-flagellating penitent and Michael S. Phillips's enigmatic Christ Figure were richly developed, and Ms. Haines was deliciously intriguing, ascetic, and seductive as 'Mary as Virgin, Magdalen, Mother'... The three of them performed the work as well, if not better, than I've previously seen."
                                    -Jerry Hickman, CriticalDance on "El Penitente" by Martha Graham, Joyce Theater 2014

"With his god-like physique and powerful dance, Jere Hunt's Penitent was a perfect portrayal."
                                    -Philip Gardner, Oberon's Grove on "El Penitente" by Martha Graham, Joyce Theater 2014

"Hunt's moving performance included self-flagellation with a thick rope, which left red welts on his shirtless pale-skinned back."
                                    -Bonnie Rosenstock, ExploreDance on "El Penitente" by Martha Graham at 92nd Street Y 2014

"Each role was nourished individually by an artist who had played it before... former Graham dancer Ken Topping channeling Jere Hunt's inner Eric Hawkins for the boyish curiosity and self-flagellating shame of the Penitent...focus and precision was at its highest level of the evening and never faltered."
                                    -Jonathan Matthews, Eye on the Arts on "El Penitente" by Martha Graham at 92nd Street Y 2014

"Jere Hunt created a caring yet heroic Achilles who was dedicated to Ms. Sato's Iphigenia."
                                    -Darrell Wood, NYC Dance Stuff blog on "Iphigenia" by Pascal Rioult at the Joyce Theater 2013

"Rather than setting this as a classical pas de deux for a man and a woman, Pascal fashions a memorable double duet for two women and two men (Jere Hunt and Michael Spencer Phillips); each couple explore their emotions with a sense of tenderness, curiosity, and mutual support."
                                    -Philip Gardner, Oberon's Grove on "Celestial Tides" by Pascal Rioult at the Joyce Theater 2011

"The program closer, created specifically for its undergraduate dancers, proved the piece de resistance at Marymount Manhattan... Among these, Jere Hunt [listed with 4 others] merited special attention."
                                    -DJ McDonald, City of Glass Arts and Culture Blog on "Azadi" by Edgar Zendejas 
                                        at Marymount Manhattan College 2009




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